Vanity Hostnames & cPanel Problems

July 25, 2013 3.4k views
Hi to everyone, I just create my droplet, and I just configure it, I follow the guide from Digital Ocean to get my vanity hostname, I do it with (I got it on Goddady). On cPanel I have activate Bind, and Edit the DNS Zone of to have the 3 A record with the 3 NS records (also on digitalOcean DNS records) It works perfectly on that domain, but when I direct another domain ( to this server and I ping to it said "ping: cannot resolve Unknown host". I done this 36 hours ago. It usually takes 1-2 hours to do this, I just modify another domain to my actual server and it's working. Also I create an account in the cPanel for (because it's also a webpage) and I try to connect via FTP and I can't '' not resolving.. Any idea? Thanks for everyone Best,
3 Answers
Did you set up glue records for and You can do that at Godaddy, make sure you set them to your droplet's IP address.
Yes karnal ,

Thanks you I was pointing to digital ocean NS, and that was my mistake. I just do it to my droplet IP and works

Awesome. I'm glad it's working now! :]
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