Verify account without Credit Card

February 11, 2016 6.6k views

Hi, i from Venezuela and i get $50 coupon from Github Student pack.

My problem is, in Venezuela we haven't access to other concurrency, so i can't verify my account if i haven't dollars.

if not exists other way to verify my account.

Sorry for my english.

2 Answers

To have an account at DigitalOcean, you would have to have either a valid Credit Card or a PayPal account you could use. Currently, DigitalOcean doesn't support the use of any other payment methods. Without having one of those, you sadly wouldn't be able to fully activate the account. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.

Jason C.
DigitalOcean Platform Support LLead

  • But in order to perform a PayPal payment, you need a credit card connected to your PayPal account, because there is no option in the PayPal form to use the money already stored in your PayPal account. There's only CC options in the PayPal form...

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