Verify account without Credit Card

February 11, 2016 13.6k views

Hi, i from Venezuela and i get $50 coupon from Github Student pack.

My problem is, in Venezuela we haven’t access to other concurrency, so i can’t verify my account if i haven’t dollars.

if not exists other way to verify my account.

Sorry for my english.

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Please provide any other option to verify account with GitHub Student Pack, even if we have this pack we are not able to use it because of credit card no.
Answer is 2 years old, so is there any updates on this? Do we have any other option?

Why? So WHY IS THERE A PROMO CODE FOR STUDENTS IF CAN’t ENTeR DigitalOcean without credit card? So First of all, why is there a promocode for students that is useless?

I am facing the exact same problem here. This post has been more than 2 years old and there are other posts regarding this issue older than this one, and yet no support has been given for Students facing this problem. Then what is support even for? This is just ridiculous. You should enable a option for people to input their promo codes before they even have to input their payment info. This just makes student developers who signed up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack progrm not able to use the $50 credit for DO given to them. I hope this is fixed soon and I get to use the credits without having a credit card.

To have an account at DigitalOcean, you would have to have either a valid Credit Card or a PayPal account you could use. Currently, DigitalOcean doesn’t support the use of any other payment methods. Without having one of those, you sadly wouldn’t be able to fully activate the account. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.

Jason C.
DigitalOcean Platform Support LLead

  • But in order to perform a PayPal payment, you need a credit card connected to your PayPal account, because there is no option in the PayPal form to use the money already stored in your PayPal account. There’s only CC options in the PayPal form…

same problem here from the uk, i want another account for a client, does not accept debit cards, no paypal option on sign up, over 24 hours, no reply from support.... things have gone downhill.
A few hours more and I advise the client to go to upcloud.

Hi, same question i want to ask to developers on otherside. Suppose , if any student doesn’t posses credit / debit card then How can i verify my DigitalOcean account ? how to redeem my Github promo code for DigitalOcean service.

Please do reply.

Thanking you,

Please provide another option

Yes for Student Pack it is useless

Oh no, this issue isn’t done yet. So sad

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