Versioning of DigitalOcean 1-Click Docker Marketplace Image (Recipes)

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I like to use the 1-Click Docker image provided by DO, however it is very important to me that I be able to programmatically reproduce infrastructure.

For example, the current version configures a default UFW firewall and installs Docker Compose 1.22.0.

I noticed for example the current version can barely run docker compose on a standard DO droplet because the entropy is too low. Docker has an 8 year old article on this problem here.

It seems like haveged should to be installed by default, or that the documentation on the marketplace item should include a note about why docker-compose might hang on a smaller VPS instance.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to provide feedback on documentation or the current image. The link takes you over to the docker forums in general, which don’t have a meaningful thread about the Digital Ocean image that I can see.

It would be great to use the same recipe offered by DO right now in the image but add the haveged line or any other items. Really, to be explicit about the configuration people should know exactly what the 1-click image is made up of procedurally.

I saw this previous answer from DO Staff recommending the cloning of marketplace images in order to keep a copy of something, but that doesn’t seem like a reasonable way to conduct devops.

Where does DO provide the script used for building these images? How is DO managing versions managed between the scripts? Would you consider making these scripts public and versioned so that people can create issues and pull requests and otherwise understand decisions about what went into them?

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Hi there @accounts9dff3738ad014accdd,

Yes, the scripts are actually already open source, you can find the repository here:

You can open issues and create pull requests.

Regarding cloning the Docker image, personally, I believe that if you want to have full control over the image itself, it is best to have your own copy. Otherwise, you would rely on an image that is not managed by your team, so you would need to anticipate for any unexpected changes by the image vendor.


  • I personally love the Marketplace and the simplicity, but if you have some specific strict requirements it’s better to have a custom image so you have full control over the configuration and future changes.

    In addition to this, I would say that if you are interested in following good DevOps practices, you could use Ansible for example. That way you can create a single playbook that sets up your servers and you will know that the newly created servers are identical each time.

  • Thank you, I did not see this was available. Is there a reason this repo and the specific formative packer source is not linked directly from the marketplace page? Perhaps the link is there and I’m just missing it.

    • Hi there,

      I believe that there is no specific reason why the GitHub repository is not linked with the Marketplace page. But I think that this is a good suggestion, I will pass it on to the Marketplace team. Thanks for the suggestion!