VestaCP Multiple domain Problem

March 31, 2018 948 views
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I recently installed VestaCP on cent os.
My config:
MariaDB 10.2

My first site is running smooth without any problem.

But when I add my 2nd site in vesta cp, and changed NS points to my droplets IP address from Domain register.
When I open my new site but it shows the content of old site.

I illustrated in details here.

Consider 2 domains.


I created a subdomain for domain 1. name -
In I installed my VestaCP. Also I add my main domain

Its running smoothly without any problem.

Now I add my 2nd domain
My registrar is Godaddy. What I did, I keep same the nameserver as default in domain registrar. Only I changed the A record in Godaddy DNS management tools.

So for my domain 2 . NS is default godaddy NS.
In DNS record I add the droplets IP in A record.

When I open in browser, it shows the content from, Not from the

How can I fixed this issue.

Any help will be appreciated!!

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