VestaCP stop a second domain loading pages from the first one

September 19, 2018 439 views

I am using vestacp on my droplet running Ubuntu. I have two domain names that I’ve configured in Vestacp. Each domain is configured with the following nameservers at the registrar:
for >,
for >,

I have created two DNS entries in VestaCP, both pointing to the single ip address asigned to the droplet. Both entries have template : child-ns. also has SSL certicate configured. does not have SSL.

Everything works perfect when accessing
Everything works perfect when accessing

Let’s say I have a page on called mypage.
The problem is, I can access that page through domain2 by adding https like so: (even though this page does not exist on domain2)

Google somehow noticed this and it’s now indexing pages from, under which I don’t want. What am I doing wrong? How can I stop this behaviour?

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jarland MOD September 19, 2018
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Hey friend!

The best way is to enable SSL on both domain1 and domain2. Since VestaCP has LetsEncrypt built in, this should just be a check box away. If you have no SSL on domain2 then that means there is no matching virtual host for domain2 over port 443, causing requests to port 443 to default to the first available virtual host (which in this case is domain1).


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