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March 16, 2014 7.9k views
Hi, Is there any way to view the total amount of bandwidth used in a month on DigitalOcean? Or is there something I can install on my droplet? It's an Ubuntu 12.04 droplet. Thanks, Francis
4 Answers
There currently isn't any way to see total bandwidth used from DO, which is why they do not charge for overages at the moment.

You could install vnstat though if you wanted to keep track for yourself.
If DigitalOcean don't charge for overages, why does it say 2 cents per extra gigabyte on each plan?

Thanks for your reply by the way!

Does anyone know? Any response to @francis regarding the “Additional bandwidth transfer is only 2¢ per GB” message on the pricing page?

  • We are not currently charging for additional bandwidth, but we do plan on doing so at some point in the future. Rather than list it as free and then taking it away later, we list what we will eventually charge. So think of it as a nice perk for early adopters.

  • So right now you don’t charging for additional bandwidth (over 1 TB per month)?

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