Virtual console requesting password, when there isn't one

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I have an existing droplet that I wanted to make a quick change on from my work computer. Now, my work computer has changed since creating the droplet, and the work computer’s public key isn’t loaded on the droplet (yet). I figured I’d go to the virtual console and add the key, and make the fix quickly while I was there, however, upon entering the virtual console I was prompted for my password. This wouldn’t be a huge deal, except I’m not using a password. :/

Is there someway that I can make my droplet realize that I’m accessing it from the DO interface, and to let me in? Or, do I have to create a password just so that I can get in for now, and then remove it again later?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Well well,

    Looks like I’m the first to answer your question.

    If memory serves, theres a tab called “access” for your droplet when you click on it. In there you have options to access the console, but theres a button below that to reset your root password. Once you click this, DO will reset the root password and email it to you. Let me know if this helped.

    edit: I saw your last part about setting and then removing the password. You really should consider changing the root password to something strong and complex, so that hackers won’t be able to get into your machine that easily via SSH hacking.

  • Hey @BeanJr,

    Thanks for the reply!

    I seem to remember the DO console logging you in automagically, back in the day…maybe that was more a bug than a feature.

    I ended up just requesting a new root password, and then disabling it after I’d added my SSH keys.

    Thanks again!

  • @aaronsnyder,

    Yeah I think it may have been a glitch. Hope you got it all sorted by now. Glad I could help.

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Currently, the DigitalOcean Web Console does require a valid password to authenticate you into it. If you used an SSH key during creation, this would mean you would need to do a password reset.

You can reset your password via your Control Panel. After doing so, it will email your account’s email address with the new root level password. If using a firewall or fail2ban, you might also wish to whitelist your IP.

Once you login with your new password, it will ask you to change it. It will first ask for the current password, then ask you to enter the new one two times.

Hope it helps!
Jason Colyer
DigitalOcean Platform Support Lead

  • Thanks @jcolyer, I appreciate your help!!

    On a side note, I will look into running fail2ban, as well. I started shipping my logs to an ELK instance, and was amazed by the failed SSH attempts over a very short period of time. :/

    Take care!