Virtualmin Apache2 Default Page

October 28, 2014 2.3k views


I’m fairly new to this having used web hosts previously. I intend to have multiple sites on the same droplet, so I’ve setup and installed virtualmin on my droplet, and followed all the steps from here

When I try to navigate to my URL however, it goes to the “Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page”, which is in var/www/html, instead of going to home/domainname/public_html.

I’ve trawled all over the internet and tried various different things, none of which seems to work. I decided I should get some advise from here before I break something!

Some help would be greatly appreciated!

On that topic, is there anything anyone can recommend that is better than virtualmin? It’s not the most intuitive.

Thank you.

1 Answer

Honestly, it will probably be easier if you just learn to edit your own Apache config files by hand rather than trying to bend virtualmin to your will…

only a slight learning curve, and then you will be able to just copy and paste your config file for each new website you want to create.

a couple of questions for starters:

what OS are you using on your home computer?
do you have a good sftp application and something you can run commands from?

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