Virtualmin second domain DNS settings help

July 14, 2014 2k views


I have 1 droplet on DigitalOcean and I have Virtualmin installed on it. I am trying to connect a second domain I registered to my hosting.

In my registrat's settings I already added,, (no trailing dot) as the DNS servers for the domain.

I then went to my DigitalOcean control panel and added a new domain under DNS. I created an A record with @ as the hostname and my droplet's IP address as the IP address. I also added the three NS records (,, - trailing dot on all 3).

After this I went to Virtualmin and added a new Top level domain. I then placed all the files under home/domain/public_html.

The problem is that it simply doesn't work, my domain isn't accessible.

Please help me with this - how and where should I configure DNS settings, add records etc.?

Help really appreciated,
Thank you!

2 Answers

What's the domain name?

I've figured it out. As per instructions for the initial host setup I removed root access and instead added users. However, I forgot to add the user for this domain to the root access list. So I added that and I also added +Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch to the .htaccess file.

Not sure which of the two made the difference, but it works now.

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