VNC Console access with no password set

Posted April 24, 2015 7.1k views

Hi all,

Is it possible to access a server via the Digital Ocean hosted VNC Console Access when you’ve not set up a password?

I created a server with SSH keys meaning that no root password is generated (or provided to me anyway). This works great, but today I needed to quickly SSH into the server from a machine that’s not set up in authorized_keys. I had to reset the root password via the DO web interface.

I am not expecting it to be possible, because effectively I am sat in from of the server with a keyboard and monitor and accessing it directly. However, I just through I’d ask, just in case!

In future I will create a sub user and make it a sudoer.


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It is not possible without some planning ahead. You can ssh into your droplet from a host with your key and run the command passwd which will allow you to set up a root password. This should not affect your ability to login using your keys without a password but will allow a “local” login with the password via the web console.

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Well you cannot upload your private key into Digital Ocean website, or ANYWHERE for that matter. So yeah the only way is to set a root password through SSH login, use Console Access, then revoke the password. But that TOTALLY defeats the purpose of Console Access, doesn’t it? You might as well just use the SSH login to do your tasks.

Wish there was another way. Perhaps a browser plugin or Java applet to authenticate with private key client-side?