VPN server possible on restricted network?

September 8, 2014 3.4k views

So this is my situation.
I am in a new school which has internet restriction. The first few day I was using SoftEther VPN server back at my home and it worked pretty well, but my pc got shutdown.
Right now I am considering to rent a server at DigitalOcean and have my server run here, so I can connect to the internet without restriction. Is this possible, especially with the $5 low tier server? Is there any hardware, distro requirements for running a SoftEther VPN server? (Not a big fan of OpenVPN)
My location is at UK, near London.
I’ve found a tutorial in the community but I was wondering can this kind of connection possible.
(I know there’s this 1TB transmit cap, but I would like to testdrive the whole setup first.)

1 Answer

demkeela - You should be able to with no prob.

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