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Is there anyone who can help me create a hosting platform on my site. I would like someone to go to my website to create a Wordpress site, basically, fill out a user and password and somehow that information would register into Digital Ocean. So I don’t have to manually go into digital ocean to create a site for them. Does this make sense? Or is something like this even possible? I’m not familiar with programing and have no problem paying someone to help me with this. If you, or if you know anyone who can guide me in the right direction please let me know. I’m not even sure if this is is an api thing either. Thanks!

  • Could you explain in further detail what you’re trying to do? Automatically create a droplet on behalf of those that sign up?

  • well certainly offer them delghts but not to be perceived as threat to the money transactions or charging any remunerations for being on this platform. but as yoiur extension. initially it should be restricted to india. if you charge for being on this platform its your perrogative mars will be when we have our cart. or any serices that could be generated from the people on board. aal the best for us.

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@UKn0Me Yes that’s pretty much it, almost how ( works.

If I’m a customer… I would sign up. (Enter username, password, site name, domain, plan, payment info.) Then upon completion be brought into a dashboard where it has my site (that was created in droplet, automatically) and ftp login info would be displayed (that was generated in droplet, automatically). Again, does this make any sense? Thank you for your response.


The API can be used to create droplets programmatically, while this method specifically can help you determine the image slug for WordPress or any of our other available distributions and applications. You can also check out the Developers portal for more detail.

  • @ncole Do you know where I can find/pay someone to do this for me (using digital ocean)? I don’t even think I’m ready to step into the world of programing, just yet. Thanks!


  • do you need a new droplet each time, or would it work just to have a site created that exists on the same droplet?

    I ask because Wordpress Multisites would do that out of the box, no real programming required.

    You would just need to expand your droplet whenever it gets close to full.

  • @sierracircle I don’t even know what you are talking about when it comes droplets. Are you saying that I only need one droplet and create smaller droplets inside that one. (I have zero programing background). I basically want someone to create this hosting platform for me (which I would pay someone to do) do you know where I can find someone to do this for me using digital ocean’s api? Thanks!

  • Sort of correct. You can have one droplet, and then use that to set up Wordpress Multisites.

    Wordpress Multisites can then handle creating new sites inside itself.

    To allow people to use their own domain will require some extra work, so you still may need to hire a programmer.

    However, using Wordpress Multisites will save a lot of work.

If you are setting up a WP hosting, try installing a WP multisite, it does what you are asking for and offers you more control over users and its sites (more secure).

@sierracircle Is programming language all the same? Like, would any programer know how to use digital ocean to create this platform? Thanks!

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