Want to know about the limitations for Standard Droplets 1 GB plan

May 14, 2018 1.6k views


I am planning to move from Linode to DIgitalOcean. But I am worry about the limitation of CPU, RAM & Disk usage.

I have 4 project which have average traffic around 2k to 4k per month on all projects. and have side project just for demo and learning.

Here are my technology for projects
CMS: Drupal, WordPress,
Framework: CakePHP
Core PHP

So can you please tell me about the limitation of CPU usage. and what are the common reason that can suspend my account.


1 Answer

On our optimized droplet plans there are no limitations on CPU use. The RAM assigned to your droplet is also available to use completely. If you are on a non-optimized droplet plan we ask that you avoid running your CPU constantly at 100%. Most CPU related abuse issues that result in suspension are due to users mining cryptocurrency on non-optimized droplets. The workload required to host a site should not push your CPU this hard.

You can find the details and pricing for all our plans here.

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