Web Control Panel Insanely Slow

March 1, 2015 4k views

Using web interface is very slow, and its like the javascript for the console is locking up and crashing browser tabs.

Happens in Chrome and Firefox, Windows 8, i7 8 core machine

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Which Control Panel do you use?

  • Alight you're talking about the DO Control Panel... I have no problems when I access the console for my droplet. When I look at the graphs and go to another tab (Google Chrome) and I lately come back to that tab I got a blank screen that after a couple of seconds is showing me the graphs.

  • Sometimes my load balancer goes haywire and I need to destroy 10+ droplets, to test: open more than 4-5 droplet pages at a time the whole control panel (and browser) crashes.

    With more than 4 droplet pages open in tabs even clicking on the "Destroy" button is impossible.

  • The best you can do is contacting the DigitalOcean Support:

    Good luck!

Try using PuTTY. It's lightweight, fast, and I use it now that I gave up on the browser console. Java is notorious for being resource intensive and slow, not to mention the security issues frequently uncovered.

I am using PuTTY and it is fast enough that I would swear it was local. PuTTY is only option, any SSH client should be an improvement. You can even connect through the CLI of another Linux distro.

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