Web Server is Down after deleting Another Website

February 24, 2018 729 views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

Hello There, I just want to ask this question, I have this Old Domain / Website that has been on my droplet for a long time, actually, that domain/website was the first one I have created in here, Digital Ocean. So I add a new WordPress website in a different domain but on still on the same droplet, so the Old Website and the New one are on the Same droplet now and my new website has been running smooth. So I decided to delete the Old Website / Domain using rm -r /var/www/oldwebsite and now my new website/domain became unavailable too. ( Web Server is Down error) Can you please tell me what is wrong with it?

2 Answers

sudo service nginx status for NGINX or sudo service apache for apache to see if the server is running

Did you make any modification or deletions to your webserver configurations?

I didn’t delete anything from web server configurations just deleting the old website domain using this using rm -r /var/www/oldwebsite

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