Webserver can't connect to Remote Database using Private IP

June 1, 2018 1k views
MySQL Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

I’m trying to connect my web server (planning to run Wordpress) to my remote database server on a private network, both hosted on Digital Ocean.

I’m currently using Runcloud.io to install LEMP on my servers.

The issue I’m facing is, I can get private networking running fine:

  1. I can ping my DB server’s private IP
  2. Running nc -zv private_ip 3306 is successful
  3. Running mysql -u username -p -h public_ip is successful

Yet when I try connect to mysql (from my web server) using my private ip, I get the following output:

ERROR 1130 (HY000): Host 'webserver_private_ip' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server

I set up my private networking using this guide: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-enable-digitalocean-private-networking-on-existing-droplets

Any help in this is greatly appreciated

1 Answer

If you have the ufw firewall enabled, you’ll need an allow rule for the connecting machine’s IP to use 3306 (the default db port)

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