We’re tryin to avoid the cost of a cPanel licence for low traffic website hosting to resell to our clients, don’t need email boxes, don’t need high performance databases. Looking for an alternative, maybe Direct Admin?

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Hi @LargeGreenBlueUrchin,

I’ll recommend CentOS web Panel. There is a paid and free version and the free version has everything needed.

Personally, I’ve used it for my projects and I can say that it’s been working perfectly every time. No big bugs or anything and for a free Panel it has A LOT of features and automated package installed. I do believe this would be the best choice if using CentOS7.

Hope that help!


searched for Centos Web Panel but it doesnt show up in Marketplace, or do i download and upload the image?

did find Plesk Obsidian, free for 3 domains, any good?

most of my websites are Wordpress now.

  • Hi @LargeGreenBlueUrchin,

    I don’t believe CentoS Web Panel is added to the MarketPlace. I always install it manually as it’s practically. To do so, you can follow these steps:

    1. Preparing Server
      Let’s install the required packages for CWP installation

      yum -y install wget
      yum -y update
    2. CentOS 7: Installer for CentOS 7

      cd /usr/local/src
      wget http://centos-webpanel.com/cwp-el7-latest
      sh cwp-el7-latest
    3. Reboot Server
      Reboot your server so that all updates can take effect and CWP gets started.


    and that’s it. You’ll have CentOS Web Panel installed now.

    In regards to Plesk Obsidian. It’s one of the best control panels, if you are going to use it up to 3 domains then it’s better to go with it than CentoS Web Panel.


Hello there,

This is a really interesting question that I’ve seen before and would like to share my opinion with the rest of you.

There a lot of web panels available (most of them are free to use) that you can choose in order to manage your server. What I can recommend is to try them as in this way you can see if it really suits your needs.

I will list the top control panels that I recommend:

CentOS Web Panel
Vesta CP

You’ve now got some great options if you want to use a control panel with your server but you don’t want to pay for a license. I’ve tried to layout most of the available options, but which one is best will ultimately depend on your individual needs.


Thanks, i understand better now, so…

What’s the difference between:
a droplet with Plesk then install Wordpress
a droplet with only Wordpress installed? (no control panel)

is that possible, or do you always need a control panel to setup databases or something else?