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December 5, 2014 3k views

I am hosting my wordpress website with DigitalOcean ( It works fine in the US but people keep telling me that the website forwards to a clothing website in France.

I have looked at the website using a web proxy and it seems to work but when you google it in France the clothing website information comes up under my domain as if that has been scrubbed by google in France.

I can not figure out how this could be happening and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how I can fix it. I just migrated my website to a new droplet to give it a new IP address as a possible quick fix. Thanks for any advice in advance.

I will be in France next week and can test from there, but we are touring there and need to fix this for publicity.

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  • I changed my IP address and the DNS has fully propagated and I am told that it is still doing it in France. When you google the website on the french google it still shows the clothing store info but I am not sure how often that is scrubbed. Is there a way that my wordpress was hacked to redirect traffic specifically from one area? Thoughts?

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how long ago did you update nameservers?
it might take upto 48 hours to propagate

  • I think this might have been the problem. The IP address was setup but the correct name servers where not. I will have to wait to see once everything propagates. Thanks for the help!

you can check dns propagation like this (my domain)

  • That website is great. Thanks!

  • well found that by searching on google, i didnt find the one i supposed to find hehe
    it also works on mobile/tablets too, thats sweet

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