Website Blank after Wrong Password

Posted December 9, 2019 543 views

Hi Community,

I have a wordpress website, and its always blank when its get 3 times wrong password at the certain ip.

I have tried turn off my Wordfence,
I have create a Firewall Rules that allow all,
I have tried Manual Allow by UFW.

All of them were affect nothing.
Please Help.
Thank you.

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Hi @indramushoddaq,

This is 100% related to your website. In such a case solutions like creating Firewall rulls and allowing yourself via UFW unfortunately won’t work.

Having said that, I’ve went around digging a bit at the problem. Here are a few suggestions to try out

Plugin compatibility
*Briefly *disable all other plugins and enable the Twenty Nineteen default theme.

If this solves the problem, as it likely will, enable everything one by one, checking each time to see when the problem returns.

If you can’t disable all the plugins due to some reason, I see you’ve mentioned Wordfence however is it possible that you by any chance are using iThemes Security plugin as well? If you are please disable the following option -Filter long URL strings (under System Tweaks). The password error URL is really long because of the error code.

Hope this helps!

If this still doesn’t work, come back and well further dig around to see what’s going on.