Website can't be reached at new domain name, a week later...

Posted May 7, 2021 202 views

I apologize if this is a duplicate of another question, but so far I haven’t found any solutions to my issue, even among so many questions with similar sounding premises!

I built a website for my mom’s business, and added a google domain, but it’s still unreachable after a week. Visiting the website at its IP address is fine and dandy, and all the DNS checker online tools seem to show no issues with the domain, eg

I added the DNS records via digital ocean. It felt pretty straightforward, but it didn’t work..! I followed this tutorial to a ’T’

What could be the problem? Is it possible it’s still propagating? (I’ve cleared my browser cache 1000 times, I don’t think it’s a caching issue..)

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Hello, @jillii

Are you using DigitalOcean’s nameservers? You can check this tutorial on how to point your nameservers from a third-party provider:

In order to set up the DNS correctly the A record of the domain name needs to be pointed to the IP address of your droplet/server. You can check this tutorial on How to Manage your DNS records:

You can also use our DNS lookup tool here:

Hope that this helps!

by Josh Barnett
by Kathleen Juell
DNS is the naming system that is used to bind a domain name to a web server. In this guide, we will change the nameservers for a domain that we have registered and point it to a DigitalOcean Droplet.
  • Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I’ve already set up the DNS records in digital ocean (and preformed the necessary steps in Google Domains to use Digital Ocean’s nameservers). The DNS lookup tool you sent over also shows that everything seems to be working properly. Unfortunately none of it explains why the site can’t be reached :(

    • Hello, @jillii

      If the DNS is resolving and the domain name is pointed to your droplet then the issue is most likely not related to the DNS. You can log in on the server and check the Apache/Nginx error logs and see if there are any logged errors.


      • The fact is I can visit the IP address, so there’s nothing wrong with the server. As far as I can tell, if a site can’t be reached by its domain, but it can be the IP, then there must be a DNS issue, right?

        • Hello,

          If the domain name resolves to the correct IP address, then the issue is with the virtual host of that domain name or the absence of it. Can you share your Apache/Nginx configuration?