Website content is not mine, how is this possible? what should I do?

October 26, 2015 2.4k views
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I have bought and set the ns server to
on the domain registrar and left it for a while, about a few months.

Today I’m going to set in my DO account. but I can’t seem to change the content (ads). I think it should be blank page, because I haven’t put anything inside.

Is it possible someone use
How can I take it back?
Or is it from the domain registrar? but I already change ns server…

I’m using LAMP,ubuntu 14.
Trying to test wordpress multisite

2 Answers

What is the domain?

This issue is probably being caused by your registrar. If they didn’t edit the nameservers or if they are still showing a ‘default’ webpage then you will have to contact them. Or check you control panel there, maybe you can find an option to disable this.

  • When I enter the address in the browser, it redirects visitors more than once and landed on ad site, so visitors don’t stay in

    If it comes from the domain registrar, should it be stay in Just like parking a domain.

    • Not sure what your asking, but you need to contact your registrar. They probably use redirecting to transfer you to the ad page.

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