website hacked: working correctly only Google result is malicious

Posted September 16, 2020 409 views


I just noticed by accident that my wordpress website got hacked. It’s working perfectly except for the Google result showing malicious content. Any advise on how to solve this pls?

Here you can see the search result:

Thank you!

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Hi @sirKel4One,

It’s most probably hacked, yes. Working perfectly doesn’t mean it’s not hacked, unfortunately. Most probably an exploit of your website was found either via an outdated plugin, theme or the WordPress version itself.

In situations like these, I usually recommend people to contact a security specialist or firm to help them secure their website and remove all malicious content.

After the above has been done, only then you should be able to request re-indexing from Google.


Hi @sirKel4One ,
So, here follows step-by-step guidelines what to do in case your website has been hacked:

  1. Check your home PC for viruses. It is not necessary to run to the shop and buy a commercial antivirus.

  2. Contact your hosting provider. Not only your website may have been hacked, especially if you do not rent your own server but use usual hosting. Notify the administrators and ask them to analyze the hacking.

  3. Change all the passwords, from passwords to mail boxes to FTP passwords.

  4. Warn your users that your website has been hacked and recommend them to change their passwords to your website.

  5. Check the code of the file .htaccess. A hacker can use this file to forward your visitors from your web resource to a website with a malicious code installed.

Hello, @sirKel4One

I will recommend you to use a plugin like Wordfence to quickly scan your website for any malicious content. You can also update all of your administrative passwords and make sure that you’re using either long randomly generated passwords or at least strong passwords excluding dictionary words or such related to your website.

It’s very important to make sure that the site is secure and there is no malware before going forward and request a review from Google.

You must request a review from Google to have your page or site unflagged as dangerous or possibly deceptive to users.

In order to request a review your can check this link:

Hope that this helps!

Hi Everyone,

thank you for all the input. It has been a tough one. I first hired an expert which was cleaning the website but it got infected within 24hours again.

After a week of letting him try, I bought a software called Malcare - Blogvault. It found a script hidden on the server that was infecting the website day after day. It also had his challenges but afterall I think this was the solution. I think as Google is still showing 6700 created spam pages. Different files from plugins were infected and needed to be deleted. It also mentioned some unharmful files as well. So you have to keep your eyes open before clicking the delete button.

The malware found was ‘Japanese keyword hack’. It’s a black hat SEO spam technique.

Hopefully, this will help someone after me.

Thanks again!

  • Hi @sirKel4One,

    It seems like there is an exploit to your website or one of your websites that keeps getting used to re-enter your files and put the malicious code there. If it’s the WordPress website, I’ll recommend upgrading your Plugins, Themes, and the CMS as well to the most up to date version possible.

    If your PHP websites are the reason, you’ll need to go through them manually and update wherever your code has been deprecated.

    As for the Droplet, if you believe it has been accessed by a third party, then I’ll recommend creating a new one, cleaning your websites, and then migrating them over to the new droplet.