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March 14, 2019 2.1k views
DNS Email

I have 2 droplets with a website and a other in a subdomain. But i have G Suite also. There Is a guide for configure the dns records here in DigitalOcean and to forward the Mails to Gsuite?


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Hey friend!

Great question. Your root domain (domain.tld, excluding subdomains) will generally have an A record and one or more MX records. The A record is what a web browser pulls to connect your domain to the web server that hosts your website. The MX record is what an email server pulls to send email to your domain. As these are separate records, they can both be pointed in any direction that you like. If you host your DNS elsewhere (your nameservers, sometimes managed by your domain registrar), you can follow Google’s instructions for setting up the DNS records required to use their service:

If you use us as your DNS provider (meaning you set your nameservers to ours), you can find instructions for setting up Google’s DNS records here:


by Mitchell Anicas
One way to send and receive email through your own custom domain is to use a third-party mail service, such as the mail service included with Google Apps (Gmail) or Zoho. The main benefit of using a third-party mail service, as opposed to managing your own mail server, is that you can avoid performing the ongoing maintenance that running a mail server entails. This tutorial will show you how to set up Gmail with your own domain that is managed by DigitalOcean's Domain Name Servers.
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