Website is down URGENT!

September 6, 2019 78 views
DigitalOcean is not working. Site loads for a mili-seconds and then goes blank. Please help.

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It looks like that there are some react errors that are preventing the site from loading:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'slice' of undefined

In your InstagramContainer.jsx file the exact function that is causing this error is:

function InstagramContainer(props) {
    let InstagramTiles = props.instagram_posts.slice(0,12).map(post => { # The slice part here
        let styles = {
            backgroundImage: `url(${post.images.low_resolution.url})`,
            backgroundSize: 'cover',
            backgroundRepeat: 'none'

For more information regarding the errors you can visit your site in Chrome or Firefox -> right click anywhere on the page -> then from the menu click ‘Inspect element’ -> Then go to the 'Console’ section.

Hope that this helps!

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