website is not reachable

November 19, 2018 550 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu

I have server hosted on Digital Ocean with. and wanting to add that IP on my website in NameCheap. Website is I already created the A record and public IP of Digital Ocean box. But when i tried to access and view the website it gave me an error.. any assistance is highly appreciated please.

The domain is resolving the 404 error page directly from Digital ocean IP.

2 Answers

Hi there orangemacaroon!

If you open a ticket up with us we would be glad to take a look and help you figure out what’s going on. 😃


You’d need to describe the error first. If it’s a 404 (as you said), the problem is likely somewhere in your configuration.

  • Are you sure you pointed your domain to the right droplet?
  • Can you access the server via IP?
  • Where are the files for your webserver stored? Usually there’s a file called index.html, index.lighttpd.html, or something similar in that folder.
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