Website Moving from namecheap to DO

March 16, 2017 1.7k views
WordPress Configuration Management

Hello Friends,

I want to know How to move my complete website from namecheap to Digital Ocean. Any Post or Video Tutorial for Moving existing website to DO?

3 Answers

its simple, just ask your destination hosting to move it for you. they do it Server to Server. they have further more permissions to do so.

first install wordpress in DO
you can install wordpress by following above guide.

second, import & export your existing site using a wordpress plugin called “All-in-one WP Migration”

i think this the easiest way.

by Justin Ellingwood
WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) on the internet. It allows you to easily set up flexible blogs and websites on top of a MySQL backend with PHP processing. WordPress has seen incredible adoption and is a great choice for getting a website up and...
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