Website & My Server sometimes Up sometimes Down

August 9, 2018 854 views
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Website & My Server sometimes Up sometimes Down

Mr or Mam pls help me
Website sometimes Up sometimes Down,Please help me what's wrong with my server :(

but my server running as well

my website in my server :

my Website sometimes Up & down after opened web

2 Answers

Hello friend!

It is difficult to say why this might occur. Could you describe the event that occurs, from your perspective, when the website is down? Any error messages, a timeline of what occurs, anything that helps me to see it from your view.

Kind Regards,


There can be various reasons. Depending on what exactly is wrong and what error message you get. Have you tried the Website availability test for a couple of times to track when it happens? Or perhaps, you need to do some update. The reason may be quite simple - leaking resources, for instance. Check the resources - there are plenty of cases.

David (Sage Hiring Community Member)

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