Website not available after upgrading droplet

October 2, 2014 2.9k views

Second time in a few days this has happened. I upgraded my droplet and its no longer accessible to the outside world. SSH, VNC work fine. Server code is running as a quick check on localhost shows its up. Waited 24 hrs to see if DNS would resolve but this shouldn't be an issue because it worked before.

Last time this happened I rebooted and got it to work. This time I rebooted twice with no success. Any ideas? I think this is a digital ocean problem which is strange because this is their business. What kind of cloud server fails when upgrading??

3 Answers

What kind of upgrade did you do?

First time I migrated from the 512 MB / 1 CPU to the 1 GB / 1 CPU.
This time I went to the 2 GB / 2 CPU.

Fixed issue with nginx config. Not sure why it worked before but not after upgrade but at this point it works.

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