Website not working after resize

December 10, 2013 1.8k views
I resized my droplet from 512MB to 1GB today. I am still able to access it via the same domain name, so the IP address must not be the issue, but when I go to the website ( it does not load. I've shut down and turned on my droplet twice to no avail. Is this normal?
4 Answers
"... so the IP address must not be the issue..."

Why leave it to chance? It doesn't take much to check.
Well I logged in via SSH successfully, but I don't know why the website wouldn't work if it's not the IP
Is the web server running?
After some more thought it may have to do with my incomplete installation of wordpress/MySQL. It didn't affect anything because I hadn't restarted it since then, but after the restart I think it's handling http requests incorrectly
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