website only show "welcome to nginx"

January 22, 2016 42.4k views
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today i resize my droplet (isigood) and after that, the site only show

Welcome to nginx!

If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.

For online documentation and support please refer to
Commercial support is available at

Thank you for using nginx.

how i can fix that ?
my website using cms wordpress..

2 Answers

You need to update your /etc/nginx/sites-available/default to include a link to your wordpress page, if you are using port 80 and wordpress try changing the root location under server within that file so it looks like this root /var/www/html;
After that do a sudo service nginx restart and refresh the page.

  • After doing this, I’m getting a “403” error. Our site was working fine over the weekend and today there was a database error.

    I’ve restored the droplet from a backup when the site was working, then got the “Thank you for using nginx” page, I’ve changed the root folder like you’ve mentioned above and now I’ve got a 403 error.

    • What are the permissions on the files in /var/www/html ?

      • Actually, our developer who set up the server never installed nginx, only apache with a lamp stack. for some reason after restoring the droplet to an earlier snapshot, nginx started. stopping nginx and starting apache solved our problem.

i using debian, how i can configure it..?

  • You will need to ssh into your droplet, or you can also do that from your dashboard terminal. If you don’t know the basic Linux commands I am not sure how I can help you fix this :/

    • i try to search /etc/nginx/sites-available/default but i not found anything,

      • No, no, no. Use

        sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

        Its not a folder, its a file.

        • yeah i open that and blank..

          • If that is blank then your website must also be blank, so its kinda hard to believe.

            Try sites-enabled instead of sites-available, if nothing is there then list out the files of both those folders please.

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