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October 29, 2017 969 views
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Hello digital ocean! :)
I set up my website installed apache, mybb and other main things like phpmyadmin. When i go to my website lets pretend my website is I need the website to go to instead of going to Is this possible?

1 Answer

If you change the document root for that vhost, you’ll get /forum/index.php as /index.php, but you will no longer be able to see /phpmyadmin/.

It’s usually easier to put each application in it’s own vhost and point a bunch of names at your webserver. That will give you as one name, and as the one that serves the forum.

Then you just need one virtualhost in your apache config and one A record for each name.

It also means you can use different authentication options on your phpmyadmin without it breaking other stuff by accident.

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