Website suddenly goes down

January 15, 2019 399 views
Nginx DNS Ubuntu 16.04

Hey guys,

I’m about to freakout here with no clues of what could happen. I have a droplet and setup to domain (with LetsEncrypt SSL).

Everything was working normal until today, when suddenly the website goes down.

I’ve tried to reset the droplet, run the certificate again, review the Nginx setup, and everything was normal. Nothing was change since a long time. Nothing anormal in the logs of the Nginx either space on the droplet.

The only thing I’ve checked is all DNS stop responding to the droplet. When I search for, nothing points to Digital Ocean or the droplet (

Really have no idea whats is going on here, can anyone provide any help?

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Hi there! @Mohsen47 is correct, your domain’s status indicates there may be an issue with the domain that you would need to resolve with your domain registrar.

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