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Posted July 20, 2015 5.6k views
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So I’ve built a Pinterest like website and sometimes it takes forever to load on mobile. At the moment I have 20 images at the homepage, and I’m using Lazy load. Any suggestions to improve the situation? Because I plan to have as many images as I can at the homepage. I’m using the 512 MB plan but when I will launch my website I’ll increase it. Will it help? Or I need to do something else?

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2 answers

Increasing it will definitely help. For a noticeably bigger speed increase, I would bring it to the $20/month level or higher, because you get 2 CPU cores instead of one. However, judging by your description it might not be enough to just increase the Droplet.

I can’t really help you because I don’t know what your website is, but use a tool like and it will tell you things you can modify on your website to make it load faster.

  • Increasing server specs wont help users loading heavy weight images..

    If users are on slower connection compare to your test setup, simple the network bottleneck will slow them down to load a heavy web page.. Specially for mobile, there availability of device resource is also an issue to render the web page..

    Consider loading fewer images and using page brakes to allow a better user experience !!

  • @hunky He said it’s “Pinterest like”, so I don’t believe fewer images is an option. He said he was using lazy loading, which should theoretically make it faster, but it sounds as if all the images are still downloading with the initial load.

    I’d have to see the actual website really to see what to change. But @itzikbenh should probably utilize image compression (maybe the TinyPNG API?), caching, etc. And yes, increasing it from 512 MB will still help a lot with it even if it does host “heavy weight images”

    By the way @itzikbenh: What do you mean by “sometimes it takes forever to load”?

  • @hunky @jonaharagon Hi, you can take a look at my page and let me know what you think about the speed, I still can’t tell whether the lazy load works or not, but I did compress the images to around 350KB.
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    Thanks for helping