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Posted November 30, 2020 442 views

I already followed all the help tutorials from digitalocean and I was unable to put my websites online again.

My website (totally offline) receives “Error establishing a database connection”. (some pages accessible, but / wp-admin
receives the message “Error establishing a database connection”). (some pages accessible, but / wp-admin receives the message “Error establishing a database connection”).

I used FTP to get data from each wordpress site in wp-config. “DBNAME”, “DBUSER”, “DB_PASSWORD”.

I tried to connect via MYSQL via SSH, but I get the error “acess denied”
how can i get denied access? I got the information for each database in the wp-config file.

I’ve already followed the tutorials and nothing has resolved, not even adding define (‘WPALLOWREPAIR’, true); does not work

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Hi @wallace11622,

It seems your WordPress is unable to connect to your database. Firstly, can you confirm if you host your Database on your Droplet on or an external source? If it’s on your droplet you’ll need to check your username and if it has access, if it’s on an external source, you’ll need to make sure your Droplet IP has access.

The next problem you mentioned is being unable to login to either MySQL or via SSH. You can resolve this by going to your WebConsole for your droplet, in your Control Panel. From there you should be able to reset your password as well and gain access.

Looking forward to your reply regards the first part of the answer!


  • Hello :)

    I get this error when I try to access my sites.

    Wordpress does not connect to the database, why is that?
    I installed all my sites on my droplet, it has been 4 months on it.

    I did this test too, I tried to export my database from the website

    I used the command mysql -p -u nameuserdb namedb> wkpmidia.sql

    I received this error after pasting the password, I took the wp-config file.
    I got the information from the wkpmidia database via FTP.

    ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘wkpmidiacombr’ @ 'localhost’ (using password: YES)

    why access denied? all data is correct, username, database name, password …

    • Hi @wallace11622,

      Most probably your users do not have permissions for their databases. You can see the permissions of your users by entering MySQL on your droplet


      and executing the following command inside


      It will show you which user has permissions on which database. To add permissions for your database user to a database, you can run the following again in mysql

      GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DatabaseName.*  TO 'DatabaseUser'@'localhost';

      Don’t forget to change DatabaseName with your true database name and DatabaseUser with your true database user.