Weekly backups - If I want to restore, can I backup only a certain section?

Posted August 24, 2018 2.5k views

I have weekly backups enabled. I manage 15 websites, and was wondering, if 1 website got demolished in the middle of the week. I would need to restore a backup to recover that website. But I would lose any other changes I made to other websites. Is there a way to only restore a single website (folder)?

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Hey friend!

With our backup system it is only possible to write the full backup image to the server. For something more specific to your use case, a custom backup solution would be best. I usually keep storage servers with various providers personally, and then run rsync cron jobs to copy data over regularly. It never hurts to have redundancy in the backup plan :)


Hi there,

With “backups” you mean the integrated backup solution DigitalOcean offers you right?
This sort of backup is a VPS-level backup and stores the complete VPS data somewhere safe.

If you would like to have seperated backups of your websites, you could either do 2 things:

  • Run each website on its own VPS (Droplet) –> Higher costs, but easy management of backups
  • Setup a backup system yourself, that seperates databases, files etc. –> Lower costs, but more management and setting up on your site.

Some ideas:

  • You can for example use rsync to copy files to a special setup backup droplet.
  • You could use a utility build for backups on files, like; Bacula, BackupPC, Duplicity, Acronis
  • You could use a utility build for backups on databases, like; Percona XtraBackup, mysqldump
  • Build your own backup script with a combination of other utilities.

Hope this helps you out.