weird redirection

March 4, 2014 2k views
Even without. Htaccess and without the rewriter assets apache module if I call / page it will first search page.html not find it it will fetch pagina.php. How do I disable this "redirect" as this problem on my giving. Htaccess I use apache 2.22 PHP 5.4.9 on ubuntu 12:04 and 13:04 (I tested in both dist and gives the same problem) in the Cloud DigitalOcean.
1 Answer
That is because your server is going to find .html before .php

The default file for .php is index.php, not other .php files

I tried to go your url on Chrome , but it doesn't work. something is not correct...

if you want to redirect your url to a specific page, then you need to write an .htaccess rule so that your url get redirected there.
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