What account information do I give my web developer?

May 15, 2016 2.4k views
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I am new to the development process. I have hired a developer to create a web-app. Is it safe to give my developer my account login and password while he is working on the app if I do not want him to have access after he is done working? It may be a silly question, but I only ask because I am not sure what role the SSH keys play and if he will retain access to the web-app in any form after I eventually change my DigitalOcean account password. If this is not a good idea, what information should I give him instead? Thanks for your help.

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This guide will help you to invite your web developer to your account in a safer way than sharing your password.

This will allow you to give them access to your account without access to your billing or other details and will then allow you to remove their access when they are done. Since they will have full access to the droplet they or you create on your account it is recommended to have a technically inclined individual check to ensure that they have not left another method of access.

For the root account on your new droplet itself, if the droplet is set up without SSH keys you can perform a password reset on the droplet once you remove the developer from your account. If they use SSH keys you will have to remove the developers ssh key from /root/.ssh/authorized_keys (and add one of your own so as not to get locked out).

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DigitalOcean is a Cloud hosting company that makes it easier for developers to build and host websites, applications, and projects. If you are working with a developer or designer to create your site or app, DigitalOcean team accounts make it easy to give them access to the...
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