What are some open source projects you use that deserve more attention?

Posted September 30, 2016 10.5k views

What are some open source projects you use that deserve more attention? Is it a tool you couldn’t live without that you think we should all know about? Or is it a library that builds the foundation for other projects that just doesn’t get enough love?

Share yours in the answers. And in the spirit of Hacktoberfest, let us all know how to contribute back.


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Hubzilla. It can do many things, but I mainly use it as a Social Network and Forum and to chat with friends (which I guess is what a Social Network is..)

Codemirror is a versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser. It is specialized for editing code, and comes with a number of language modes and addons that implement more advanced editing functionality.”
I love this editor and I hope that never get discontinued.

For me that would be HomeBridge, it emulates an Apple HomeKit bridge which allows you to add many devices to HomeKit and be able to control them via iOS and Siri, such as Wink Hubs, Harmony Hubs, Nest thermostats, and Xbox One (power toggle) to name a few.

Freedomotic is an open source framework for IoT and home automation written in java. Many plugins already available. We need your help!

Riot (earlier called Vector) is a modern web client for the federated chat protocol which has bridges for Slack, Gitter, IRC and more!

Check out our code at

RethinkDB Far and away my favorite document database. Beats Mongo by a mile and a half. Has some great ORMs as well. They’re going through some hard times right now, so any contributions would likely be greatly appreciated.

Li3 is the foundation of everything we do. I know there are a lot of frameworks out there and everyone has there preference, but this has been an outstanding solution for all of our application development. We have been able to be very flexible with this foundation adapting to our various needs.

JQ is amazing when you’re working all day with JSON 😀 is a pretty awesome project for anyone looking for some simple commits.

Basically, it’s an index of the Vagrant machines which are available for use, that isn’t tied to the Hashicorp atlas (it was there first :) )

We’ve got some open #Hacktoberfest issues at the Github project page but the key one for me is #395 which is where a very kind individual identified all the boxes which weren’t replying with a useful HTTP response (either 404, 401, or 429). Unfortunately, it was so big, we can’t easily read back and work out who submitted these boxes, to check why they’re offline.

I’d like someone to find a few of these, and submit a PR containing just that box (or associated boxes, if they’re at the same URL) so we can remove them specifically from the index (and if the owner has moved them somewhere, perhaps you can amend your PR to point to the new location?)

And I’m more than happy to work with someone to get these changes made. Contact me @JonTheNiceGuy on Twitter or by email

Hi all,
I’m Peter from CDNJS, I wonder if CDNJS is it a project we can push here?


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