what are the commands to save and exit?

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I’m installing the Firewall with UFW on Ubuntu. When I run the command to set IPv6, I can not save and close the file. Please what is the key on the keyboard to save and exit?

I’m trying with ctrl+O and ctrl+X but it does not work.

Thak you!

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  • You may need to be root if you are editing a config file in /etc you will need to be root.

    Try sudo command …

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What Editor are you using (vi, nano, etc..)

If you are on vi you can try:
:wq to exit and write
:q! to exit without saving
:w to write and continue editing.

For the Linux noobs, like me, enter edit mode by pressing ‘i’, 'l’, or 'a’

once done editing hit 'esc’ to go back to command mode

then :x + enter to save and exit

I can not close the editor. Help please!

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