What are the differences between "New York 1 2 and 3"?

August 10, 2015 6k views

I am trying to set up droplet and still new to this process. I haven't found answer to this question yet. Some clarification would be helpful, thanks.

2 Answers

We offer droplets in three separate physical facilities in the NYC area. Each of these options refers to a different physical data center and location.

  • Thank you. Is there a rough idea how to choose according to physical location? I prefer somewhere closer to Bronx.

  • I believe the location physically closest to the Bronx would be NYC2 which is located in a Google facility in Manhattan. Of course with any major city the location that is physically closest may not be the one with the fewest hops to a particular destination and the number of hops will vary depending on the ISP at the other end. I would recommend doing some traceroutes and speed tests against the test servers we have in each data center. You can find the tests here.

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