What are the hardware resources avaible on the smallest droplet?

December 12, 2013 2.6k views
Hello. I would like to find out, what are the hardware resources available on the smallest droplet. Because it is said that is one core and 512 MB memory, but I can surmise that for such a low price, that is not quarranted, so please tell me, what guaranteed parameters are for this option. Thanks for your response!
3 Answers
There's additional hardware info. on DigitalOcean's FAQs page.
Ok, so if I well understand it I have core between 2 and 3 Ghz, but this one core is only for my droplet or I share it with some others customers? And the same questions for RAM memory? 512 MB only for me?
It is shared with other customers however if it's underutilized your VPS will be able to utilize all of it since it's managed by KVM so it's a really fair system.

RAM is completely dedicated to your droplet.
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