What are the hidden costs of Spaces?

November 24, 2019 160 views
DigitalOcean Spaces

I’m evaluating Digital Ocean for my project and I’m a bit puzzled because the cost of read / write operations to spaces are not detailed and I can’t find them in the docs either. What are the prices for reads / writes on spaces? Is there anything else which is not detailed in the (very sparse) docs on pricing?

1 Answer

I’m the PM for Spaces and I can confirm that what is listed is what is charged for. $5 subscription covers 250 GiB Storage/ 1 TiB bandwidth. Overages are charged at $0.02/GB storage and $0.01/GB bandwidth. The bandwidth allowance of 1 TiB covers both origin and CDN bandwidth and overages are charged at the same rate. We do not charge for read/write calls at the moment.

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