What are the server specifications?

January 4, 2019 741 views
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I am interested to move to Digitalocean for my WordPress sites, but I am comparing a couple of hosting plans but I need to know more specifications details about your servers, mainly about the CPU (Core) and RAM.

I am just mainly confused between the Standard Droplets and CPU Optimized Droplets ( both planes 4GB RAM and 2 Cores) so I just need more specs details about processors and servers in general in order to be able to compare properly between DO and the other options I have.


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Hey friend,

Great question. Our server specs are going to vary. Each time we deploy new servers we update our specs, but we do not pull servers from previous deployments at that time. As a result, the actual hardware tends to vary. Regardless of that, we use Intel Xeon CPUs and enterprise SSDs (not desktop ones) everywhere. We utilize RAID10 for the servers. Memory is guaranteed on all plans, CPU threads are dedicated on the CPU Optimized Droplets (and shared on the others).

Happy to answer any more specific questions to the best of my ability, but I think that kind of narrows in the focus in a way that covers all of our deployments.


Hi Jarland,

Can you let me know the server specs regarding connectivity port? It is 1Gbps. 10Gbps? Also, are Digital Ocean protected against DDoS attacks?


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