What are the server specs that my VPS's are running on?

Posted October 1, 2012 20.9k views
How much RAM? CPU make/model/speed?

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I find peoples deeply skeptical view I tend to see of DigitalOcean a small bit disheartening. I've been using DigitalOcean for about six months, I've never had a problem or a 'hoggish neighbor' as people say. I've never had lag, or any problems. I host Minecraft and various other gaming servers which are resource intensive and have never experienced a problem with CPU Load or RAM Usage.

I don't understand the consistent skepticism in regards to DigitalOcean. They are providing a reliable product and a much fairer price, why is it so hard to believe someone would offer the same as say Amazon or Rackspace for cheaper? Undercutting is a economic tactic that has existed for hundreds of years.

We have a mix of different physical specifications running in DigitalOcean. All servers however are DELL with hardware RAID, 32-64GB of memory, and either dual quad core or hex-core Intel Xeon processors.

A variety of different hardware allows us to test different configurations and distributions of virtual servers to see what works best and over time we'll be refining that to a more standardized configuration.

How many droplets (for example 1-cored) are running on one such physical host? just approximate number.
We do not place the same sized virtual machines on the same hypervisors. They are instead distributed across all of the free servers and that is handled by the backend scheduler so all of them have a varying number of virtual machines running.

I was just curious how many neighbors will my droplet have - 5, 10, 50 100, 500, ...?
There is no specific number because we place different sized virtual servers on the same physical hypervisor so it's based on resource utilization and not a specific hard number of hosts per physical server.
He just wants to get an idea of how packed our servers are and what he can expect performance wise...
are you overselling the hardware? its the questions we are asking.
@dustinkrejci.primerica Overselling in a VPS is frequent in the low-price side of the industry, and decent performance/reliability over the course of 1 year is no definite indicate of long-term performance. It is not at all uncommon for providers to begin ratcheting up the server population only after they have gained some customers.

To be clear, I don't think this is what DO is doing. However, a little more transparency would help. Certainly they can give more detail than, "It varies, a scheduler handles it". They set the scheduler parameters, they can tell us if they allow the load average to stay around 10% utilization, 20%, 30%, etc., an average tenant load across all systems, and so on.