what cdn should I use with serverpilot ? cloudflare or keycdn

July 14, 2017 1.7k views
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I am a little bit confused about which CDN should choose? I will use $5 plan with severpilot.
Since CloudFlare's free plan does not give to use custom SSL that's why I worried about.

which will best CDN provider in perspective of security and CDN service?

what is the drawback of keycdn ( if any)?

If I use any one of the above CDN still should I use the wp total cache?

Should I use varnish with serverpilot instead of any cache plugin?

2 Answers

Hey @sp234sp I work for section.io, and we allow you to do all that stuff! You may want to check us out.

KeyCDN provides you with more flexibility compared to CloudFlare's free plan. For instance, with KeyCDN you can use origin shield, push zones, free custom SSL, free Let's Encrypt, real-time analytics and more. If you want to use some of these features with CloudFlare, you'll need to upgrade your plan (as you already mentioned).

You should still be using a caching plugin on your Wordpress site to further accelerate the delivery of assets. With KeyCDN, you'll need to integrate it directly within your Wordpress site, however this is pretty straightforward: https://www.keycdn.com/support/wordpress-cdn-integration-with-w3-total-cache/

If you want to learn more about the differences between KeyCDN and CloudFlare I'd recommend this comparison guide: https://woorkup.com/cloudflare-alternative/

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