What control do you have on a DO account with a droplet?

March 25, 2019 187 views
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I created a droplet for a friend (just for a few days, he want to test things). And I'm wondering, can he with his droplet "hack" my DO account? Or bill more than I want ?

Thanks !


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jarland MOD March 25, 2019
Accepted Answer


If you give someone else access to a droplet on your account, these are the things that they can do which should concern you:

  • Exceed the allocated bandwidth, leading to additional billing
  • Host content that is a violation of our policy or applicable laws, for which you will be responsible
  • Perform actions that impact other customers (ex. DDOS, send spam), for which you will be responsible

That should basically cover it. Never give someone access to a droplet on your account unless you trust that they won't do anything for which you will be held accountable for in a negative way.


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