What dns provider should I choose instead of godaddy

September 11, 2014 4.2k views

Hello we are now using godaddy for our dns, but recently had a lot of problems and I want to switch providers.

What provider would you recommend?

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If not in a hurry watch for the black Friday sales coming up. I moved my domains from godaddy last year at about can't remember if it was $0.98

  • Oh and to add to this they do offer freedns. You can have your primary servers set at godady and backups at namecheap.

    At least with this you don't have to transfer anything. I did it this way for a short time.

  • Did you experience any down time since you moved?

  • This is also how we did it. We set our primary servers pointing to dyn.com and as a backup let's say add also the GoDaddy nameservers.

  • Ok that seems like a good idea.

  • Maybe one time. Don't recall the details of what happened.

    I have one domain I registered with them back in 2012. Moved my two goaddy domains over last black friday.

  • Ok thank you.

  • Only real downside to using namecheap freedns is you have to manually change the entries. So you would have to change them on Godaddy then log in and changed them on namecheap. Somewhat of a pain but normally you would need to update zones very often.

I would in any case recommend not using Godaddy for a production environment. We are using dyn.com and they guarantee a fast dns lookup time.

  • Yes but they are quite expensive, godaddy was free.

    I noticed that amazon also has a dns provider with really charp pricing. Do you think they are any good? Or is low price = low service?

    Also did you encounter any downtime at dyn.com ?

  • Hi,

    I would strongly recommand Gandi Registrar

    The domain service registration and DNS service is just great, and the support really efficient !



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