What does the 'Droplet Limit' mean?

July 27, 2014 6.9k views

Is it a limit on how many droplets can exist at once, or how many you are allowed to create? If it is a limit on how many you can create, is it by week/month/year/etc? I understand it can be raised, I just don’t know what it actually means.

For example, when I created my account I created and destroyed a couple droplets to understand the process. These boxes are destroyed. Do they count against my limit?

3 Answers

The “Droplet Limit” is the maximum amount of droplets you can have running at any one point. The default is 5, so if you have 5 droplets running, you cannot make a 6th.

I have a droplet limit of 1. Why so?

  • That’s weird. Please open a support ticket and we will raise it for you. Thanks!

it does not make sense that limit the droplet size. I’ve create a support ticket for increasing the limit but no response yet. This is very bad for customers.

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