What does "xTB Transfer" mean in the pricing plans?

Posted February 13, 2015 28.8k views

On the Pricing page, it lists all the plans and the amount of “Transfer” for each plan. What does that number mean? What do “1TB Transfer” / “2TB Transfer” / etc… mean?

Is this bandwidth? Is this amount of bytes allowed to go over the wire (inbound, or outbound, or both)? What does the value represent?

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3 answers

It is the bandwidth your server can use.

As far as I am aware, It is 1TB of data in total ( Ie: 500gb in 500gb out )

To put this in perspective,
I have a fairly busy server. It does around 0.5 to 1mb/sec of web traffic to multiple sources.

In the last 28 days, I have done 102.9 GiB OUT and 22GB INbound.

I also have nightly remote backups of about 1Gb so out of that 102GB , 28Gig of it is just backups.

I have servers on the 2Tb and 3Tb platforms and in all honesty, unless you are running some dodgy torrent site, VPN for downloads or some download site, you will be fine.

Normal webserver / website hosting / DB hosting.. 1Tb is PLENTY!

How do you find out how much you’ve used up out of the 1TB? You say “in the last 28 days, I have done 102.9 GB out and 22GB in”… I can’t find this information in my DigitalOcean account.

And yes, we are running a file sharing site :) Check out!

@JustBeamIt there is no way to currently know your bandwidth usage from DO panel, so they are not currently charging for it. Also most providers, and I guess DO will be the same when they start charging for it, only charge for data outbound (ie: what is send from server to users), and not for data inbound, providers like Amazon do charge for both.

You can also install vnstat on your droplet and keep bandwidth stats, which is always good even when you are not being charged for it.

  • Ohh also you make sure to check DO usage policy, not sure if file sharing sites are allowed, you know how a nasty business that is “cause the users” violating copyright laws.