What happened to Arch Linux OS ?

January 15, 2015 2k views

Please support Arch Linux OS again. You guys recently added FreeBSD. Why have you dropped support for Arch Linux ? There is many developers and users that prefer linux over bsd.

1 Answer

I would suggest you vote and voice your want for Arch Linux to be readded to Digital Ocean over on the Uservoice forum. https://digitalocean.uservoice.com/forums/136585-digitalocean/suggestions/5812390-keep-arch-linux-on-digitalocean

As to why it was removed the official response was, "We are deprecating Arch Linux as one of the standard base distributions. We haven't seen a large up take in the number of customers that have installed Arch and given the distro's rolling updates the maintenance work that it requires currently on our side does not allow us to stay up to date."

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